From People Pleasing To Inner Confidence Group Programme

Imagine the possibilities if you could stop saying yes when you want to say no.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you stop trying to please everyone and learn to live life for yourself.

Are you ready to feel good about yourself without having to do everything for everybody? To go through life believing in yourself and having a deep sense of security in who you are.

Imagine how much easier and more fulfilling your life could be when

You go from To
Trying to be everything to everybody Finding it easy to make decisions and feel good about your judgement and choices
Feeling you have to put everyone else’s needs first Believing in yourself and feeling confident
Worrying what others think of you Taking action, learn and enjoy challenges
Being afraid of being judged Expressing yourself clearly and confidently without worrying what others will think
Being the person you think others want you to be Stopping procrastinating and starting to achieve the things you want in life
Being scared of not fitting in Feeling at ease meeting new people and going into new situations
Feeling guilty if you say no Having the time, energy and motivation for the things you want to do
Being anxious all the time Feeling calm, at ease and in control

From People Pleasing to Inner Confidence Group Programme

Join my three month programme to help you to learn how to use hypnosis and other skills to help manage your thoughts, feelings and actions so you can feel confident and let go of people pleasing for good.

This is for you if you want to develop deep inner confidence and self belief, if you feel that confidence in yourself is something you have to work hard at and you find you’re holding yourself back and if you want a helping hand so you can believe in yourself and flourish at work and in life.

You’ll learn what’s causing you to sacrifice your own needs and what you can do to change it, while still being a kind, caring and compassionate person.  And you’ll start to understand what it feels like to have inner confidence and how that changes how you approach life. No longer feeling overwhelmed and drained with doing everything for everyone because deep down you’re finding it hard to value yourself and what you do.

Do you realise you can learn to tame the voice in your head that’s always criticising everything you do? You could learn to overcome the constant anxiety about what others think and how you come across and do more. To no longer have to work so hard to feel confident. Instead, deep down you experience what it feels like to truly value yourself and what you do at home and at work.

Over six sessions you’ll develop skills to help you to change the way you approach life.  You’ll learn by doing simple, practical exercises that will leave you feeling more confident in yourself.  We’re all unique, so you’ll be guided to adapt and apply the techniques in your own life.  Whatever exercise we practice, you’ll be able to personalise and use in your own life as you progress.

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You’ll Get

  • 6 one hour online Zoom sessions you can access in comfort and from home. Each session includes sharing of experiences, exercises and tools to help you.  They’re super relaxed, so you can come in your pyjamas if want.
  • 6 hypnosis recordings to practice at home so you can embed and reinforce the changes you’re making.
  • A powerful workbook you keep forever. You can work through the exercises at your own pace in your own home. You’ll have the tools to work through practical steps to change your people pleasing habits for good.
  • I’ll be there, by your side, helping you to learn techniques and skills that will work in your busy, pressured life and giving you all the resources you need to support you along the way.
  • A support network to share insights, challenges and experiences and make new and lasting friendships.


"When I came to see Celia I was depressed and lacking in confidence due to my perfectionism tendencies.  I felt at ease with Celia straightaway and each week I felt my self belief getting stronger as she helped me to reframe my thoughts and gain new perspectives."
"I feel these sessions have really worked for me. I felt low in confidence and was unable to be myself in group situations; even when there were only 3 people present I struggled to communicate effectively.After just a few sessions with Celia I noticed a change. I faced one of my biggest dreads and spoke up with confidence and was able to communicate my points without seeming nervous and hesitant. Other aspects of my life have improved as well.I am so grateful to Celia and would absolutely recommend this programmes. She has a very friendly and engaging style and makes you feel immediately at ease."
"Celia gave me the tools and insight that I needed to tackle the challenges I was facing, and to arm me for the future challenges I know I will face. She is welcoming, practical and gentle, and I totally recommend her services.  Possibly more important though has been the range of tools and strategies for managing anxiety on a day to day basis. I am now optimistic about the future and know that if I continue to apply these techniques, I will continue to make progress.  Thank you Celia for all your help and support."

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