Working With Me

I give a confidential, supportive and caring service to all my clients.  Every client is unique and needs something different.  I design a completely personal treatment for you, based on what you tell me you want to achieve.  

I want you to have the therapy that is right for you, in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.  This may be face to face or online, or a combination of both.  Whatever you need,  I am here to help you.

I use evidence based therapy, as I believe clients deserve to know their treatment is effective.  This means I use treatments which have been proven by research to work.

I select the best tools and techniques supported by the latest scientific research and tailor them to suit you.  I use a powerful combination of proven therapies including hypnotherapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

You can find out from my clients about working with me here

Your free telephone consultation

I offer a free half hour telephone consultation to discuss your situation and what you would like to achieve by working with me.

We have a relaxed and confidential chat about how we could work together.  I answer all you questions about therapy and hypnosis.

I take time to get to know you. I’m keen to understand what’s going on for you and what you’d like to achieve. I want to be certain I’m able to help you and I want you to be able to decide if I’m  the right therapist for you.

Your first appointment

Your first appointment is a chance for us to find out about each other, what’s going on for you and what you want to achieve. We’ll start to unpick what’s causing your problems and we’ll set clear goals and design a realistic roadmap so you can achieve them. This is when we begin our working partnership.

I’ll design a programme especially for you, based on the information you’ve given me.  We’re all different, so it’s really important your sessions are created uniquely for you to make your transformation effective and permanent.

We make sure we have clear expectations with goals that are realistic, meaningful and achievable for you, all backed up by an action plan.  I’ll be with you every step of the way, supporting you to make changes so you can start living the life you’ve always dreamed about.

I’ll probably ask you a lot of questions to help me to understand exactly what is going on for you. You will also be able to ask me about hypnotherapy and how I work. This appointment is the chance for me to understand about you as a unique individual and what you want to achieve and for you to understand how therapy works, my approach and what I offer.

Your first appointment takes an hour and a half to give us the time to discuss everything we need to make your therapy successful.

At the end of the appointment, we’ll agree the way forward with a plan that’s uniquely tailored to you and what you want from your life.  We’ll discuss how many sessions it will take.  I then design a personal programme just for you.  As we progress through treatment, we’ll review your programme to see how it’s going and if we need to change anything. Everything I do with you is designed for you to develop the skills and abilities you need to help yourself now and in future.

Your next appointments

All other appointments take up to one hour. In that time, I work hard to get to know you and hope you’ll get to know me and feel comfortable working with me. The relationship between therapist and client is an important part of therapy. I want you to feel that you can tell me anything without being judged and I will do my absolute best to help you as much as I can.

Everyone is different and everyone’s treatment is unique. I work to create a plan that works for you, no matter how busy and overwhelming the demands of your life may be. Some people may only need a few appointments, others may need eight or so. The average treatment tends to be between six to eight sessions. This compares with an average of 6-20 sessions for cognitive behavioural therapy alone, which itself is faster than most other forms of therapy.

I will always discuss treatment options and agree a plan with you at the initial consultation, and we will review regularly to see how things are going.


Online therapy

online therapy is available to all

I offer in person and online appointments to suit you.  You can choose to mix and match how you would like your appointments so they work best for you and the demands of your busy, pressured life.  You receive private one to one sessions with me, either in person at the clinic of your choice or on Zoom.  We agree the appointments in advance so they are at the most convenient time and place for you.

However you decide to take your appointments, you’ll have peace of mind knowing I’ll be beside you every step of the way.

Online appointments are the easy and convenient option for many of my clients. It means I can see you at a time and place that suits you, wherever you live in the world.

Online therapy is ideal for people who have busy lives and don’t have the time or energy to spend hours travelling to and from appointments. It is perfect for commuters, busy, working or stay-at-home parents, those who work full-time or unsociable hours.

If you live in a remote area or have disabilities, social anxiety or phobias that make social interaction difficult, online therapy means you can get the help you need from the comfort and security of your own home.

Research shows that online therapy is as effective as seeing your therapist in person1.

Many people prefer working online. They are relaxed when they start their session, as they haven’t spent ages juggling complicated childcare arrangements or stuck in traffic, worrying if they’re going to be late. They get the most from the sessions as they feel completely comfortable in their own home, or using a private room at work.

You don’t need any special software or technical knowledge. I send you a link for you to click and then we’re good to go. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with a built in camera and microphone.

1 Hilty, D, Ferrer, D, Burke Parish, M, Johnston, B, Callahan, E and Yellowlees, The Effectiveness of Telemental Health: A 2013 Review, Telemedicine Journal and E-Health, 2013 Jun; 19(6): 444–454.


You receive private one to one appointments with me.  We arrange your appointments in advance so they are at the most convenient time and place for you.

I’ll be by your side every step of the way.  I’ll be there to support you as you transform your life.  I’ll be helping you to learn the skills and techniques you need and showing you how to put them into practice in your busy, pressured life.

I’ll be giving you all the resources you need along the way.  I provide you with the information, worksheets and exercises you need to fast track your progress.  They’re all stored together in your own personal Google drive so you can download them or print them out whenever you want.  You’ll have them to keep so you can go back to them at any time.

I provide you with a recording of the hypnosis we do together.  You can download it onto your phone or laptop and listen to it as much as you like in the comfort of your own home.  And you’ll have it so you can go back and listen to it time and time again, at any time you please.

The initial consultation takes one and a half hours and the fee is £142.  This includes your personal hypnotherapy recording and a tailored exercise for you to take away and do at home to help you to improve your life.

After that appointments are an hour and are offered from £89 – £109 a session.  A payment plan is available from £178 per month.

Payment is requested to secure your appointment.

Hypnotherapy Group Programmes

Online hypnotherapy groups programmes are a practical and accessible way to try out and experience the benefits of hypnotherapy for yourself.

My online groups aren friendly and supportive.  They’re somewhere you can connect with others who have the same struggles – and realise you’re not alone.

You’ll get the benefits of working with me and the help and support of  others who are all working towards the same goals.  My groups are small so you get to have a personal experience.  You also have a forum to share challenges, experiences and insights.   You’ll get to use hypnosis and other tried and tested tools to help you to develop a more resilient approach to life.

Over six sessions you’ll develop skills to help you to change the way you approach life.  You’ll learn by doing simple, practical exercises that will leave you feeling more confident in yourself.  We’re all unique so you’ll be guided to personalise and apply the techniques in your own life.  Whatever we learn and practice together, you’ll be able to personalise and apply to your own situation as you progress.

You can find out more about my group programmes here.

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