Weight and Eating

Are you struggling with your eating and your weight?

Would you like to:
  • Stop constantly thinking about food and your weight?
  • Develop a new self image?
  • Lose weight without constant dieting?
  • Be happy with your weight and enjoy your food?
  • Stop worrying about your weight and about weight loss?
  • Start looking forward to losing weight and achieving your goals?
  • Feel better about yourself?
I can help you even if you’ve struggled for years with out of control eating and your weight.  I’ll support you to learn tools and techniques to help you find ways to break free of  your food prison and live life on your terms.

weight and eating

We work hand in hand on all areas in life which are stopping you from being the weight you want to be. It could be stress, family, work, depression – together we work in detail to tackle the reasons you overeat.
By helping you to understand what triggers emotional or binge eating, I help you to manage stress, build motivation, and assist with controlling your appetite. Hypnotherapy can help you to think about food in a different way; as a means of nourishing your body, and not a kind of medication to cope with your emotions.
Together, we look in detail at your current eating habits, work to build your self-esteem and confidence so you can make lasting changes. We can work together to access the particular stressors and emotions that trigger overeating for you, whether this is unhappiness, stress, anxiety or comfort.

gaining weight by making unhealthy choices to soothe stress

Here’s what my clients say

This is around the 3rd time I’ve attempted to write this review as I cannot really articulate how life changing this process with Celia has been for me.

Having followed a never ending cycle of diet/lose significant weight/stop diet/regain all lost weight plus extra – for my whole adult life, I realised I needed to do something to address the root cause rather than the behaviour.

The course with Celia was nothing like I expected weight loss hypnotherapy to be but it was absolutely what I needed it to be.

I thought it would be a soothing voice telling me to stop eating enough times that I would hopefully just stop over-eating! Instead, it was a process that Celia guides you through expertly, honestly, realistically and without judgement. A process that I believe has fully set me off on a journey to be altogether healthier – physically and mentally. Not just slimmer.

Although, that being said, I am slimmer! I’ve lost a stone so far with no noticeable effort. This is purely down to the hypnotherapy and working on recognising the emotional triggers, changing habits and so on. And without depriving myself of my favourite foods either.

But it’s actually so much bigger than this! In one particularly enlightening session, I instantly understood so much about myself and how I’d come to be this overweight/this unhappy. Consequently, I don’t hate myself/appearance anymore. I cannot express how liberating that is aged 40! 25 odd years of being so vile to myself- just gone (…nearly gone anyway)!

I’m looking after myself in so many other ways and it’s having such a positive impact on all elements of my life – my relationships, my parenting, my work life balance, my general mental well-being etc.

But more than anything, I feel so ready to be a physically healthier person. Stress is a huge trigger for overeating and unfortunately, 2023 kickstarted with a series of highly testing events. And I’ve just lost a steady lb/half a lb a week. No gain! This is such a win for me.

And I know I’ll continue, with Celia’s recordings and resources, with everything she’s helped me work through – I’m very much on my way to being the healthy me I want to be.


I’m so grateful to Celia, this has been a fantastic experience..Celia has helped me massively,. I was struggling with overeating issues, being grossly overweight, clinically obese, and from that was the threat of Type II diabetes. With her help I’ve now got the tools to modify my eating behaviour, I’m losing weight in a sustainable manner, and the threat of diabetes has receded. I’m well on my way to reaching my weight loss goals and I’ve a better quality of life as a result. I can’t thank Celia enough.


Highly recommended!It was great to finally talk to someone that understood how I was feeling. Within minutes of talking to Celia I felt she empathised with my situation and it put me at complete ease. Celia really listened to what was going on for me. I was looking for support with weight loss and chose Celia because of her outcome-focussed, evidence-based, holistic approach in which she offers a wide range of other strategies and resources alongside her core hypnotherapy work. Her sessions were key to helping me complete an NHS diabetes prevention programme and Couch 2 5K. Not only did Celia help me to lose weight, she also improved other areas of my health and well-being, such as anxiety and poor sleep.


I’m getting in touch to tell you that a lot has happened to me since I last saw you.  I have moved to Bromley, have a new job and partner, I only had the confidence to take these steps because of the weight I lost with you and the help you gave me. I am still using your recordings and they keep me on track if I have a slip up.


After a couple of years facing issues around my weight and my approach to eating, I contacted Celia to see if hypnotherapy would help. From the offset Celia listened to the issues I was facing and helped me to clearly recognise where these were originating from and how my behaviour was contributing to my weight issues. The guidance and support as well as the practical exercises she gave me have helped me immensely and I am so pleased with how far I have come since starting the sessions with her. Celia is supportive, non-judgemental and the hypnotherapy and meditation exercises she has taught me really do work. The process has been really enlightening and taught me a number of things about myself that I wouldn’t have realised previously. I would throughly recommend Celia.


You can read more client stories here

Contact me if you’re ready to learn to let go of dieting and bingeing and to start to find freedom when it comes to food and your body?
  • Imagine what it’s like to have a life that’s no longer controlled by food and your weight.

  • Imagine how you’ll feel when your life no longer revolves around what you eat.

  • Imagine how confident you’ll be when you can manage your problems without turning to food

Hypnotherapy is a natural and safe way to make permanent changes to your eating habits for effective weight loss. I work with you to change the way you approach food and eating, lose weight and become healthier.

You will develop skills to help you lose weight and build your confidence and self-esteem so you can make the healthy changes you want to make. Together, we will explore the reasons you overeat, or cannot lose weight and together we’ll make a change.

enjoying food mindfully

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Success Stories

"I just wanted to thank Celia for all her help. I had been putting on weight for the last 16 years since I had my kids and getting bigger and bigger. I couldn't face doing anything about losing weight. I was losing confidence in myself too and avoided meeting new people or doing new things. Since seeing Celia I have been gradually losing weight for the first time in ages, and for the very first time it has felt effortless. I am drinking less too and feel more in control of my life. I’m starting to feel more confident too. I feel happy with myself for the first time in ages. Thank you so much."



"I was worried going in to hypnotherapy that I would feel 'different' or not in control but Celia put me at ease and was very calming. I have had eating issues for many years and noticed that after a few sessions I wasn't craving sweet foods or overeating, my desire to lose weight and be healthy overtook my desire to eat, something I've never been able to overcome. I still have days when I don't eat very well but they are the odd day and if it happens I am always back on the straight & narrow the following day or later in the day."


Tunbridge Wells

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