It has been estimated that one in three people have a problem sleeping. Sleep deprivation, or insomnia, is experienced by people who struggle falling asleep or fall asleep fairly easily only to wake in the night. People with insomnia tend to spend a lot of time thinking about sleep, or the lack of it.

Concerned about sleeping?

Is your worry about sleep spilling over into other areas of your life? Sleep deprivation can lead to lack of concentration, weight gain and anxiety. Not getting enough sleep can make you feel irritable and makes it difficult to function normally.

Lack of sleep can slow down your reactions and everyday tasks can seem to take more energy.   Often, you can’t think straight and feel more emotional. Not getting the necessary rest can be confusing for the body which in turn can make you more stressed, affecting sleep quality and become an ongoing negative cycle.

Whatever your issue, I want to know about your sleeping pattern, as it affects all areas of life. I aim to restore quality sleep by improving your ability to relax your body and mind. Doing the things you enjoy during the day can help the mind to switch of and go into sleep mode more easily.

Feeling better about ourselves can help to stop worrying, allowing the brain to make the most of sleep.
Treatment is designed around you and varies depending on what is troubling you, but often includes:

  • Recording the exact time you spend asleep
  • Learning fast and effective relaxation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Learning hypnosis for insomnia and self-hypnosis to increase relaxation and build confidence in your ability to sleep
  • Identifying and challenging unhelpful beliefs about sleep
  • Using hypnosis to replace unhelpful beliefs about sleep with more positive ones
  • Reviewing your bed time routine
  • Hypnosis for easier, deeper sleep
  • Reviewing and changing the association of insomnia with going to bed

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Success Stories

“I have had trouble sleeping all my life. Since my session with Celia last week, I have been getting eight hours sleep a night, with no medication, which is unheard of for me. Thank you Celia your hypnotherapy has made a fantastic difference to me”



“I contacted Celia after struggling with sleep problems for years. I can’t remember when I have been able to sleep for more than four or five hours a night. With Celia’s help, I saw a difference in my sleep almost immediately. After my first session, I felt less stressed and obsessive about the actual time I was asleep. After our second session, I noticed an improvement in the amount of sleep I go and the quality of my sleep was much better too. I couldn’t recommend Celia more and would advise anyone with any issues relating to sleep or anxiety to get in touch with her.”



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