Success Stories

"I contacted Celia because I was overweight and unhappy. I felt controlled by food and compulsive eating. What gave me confidence in Celia right from the start, was the time and attention she paid to properly understanding the underlying causes and patterns of my overeating. And its worked. As a result of my sessions with Celia I'm no longer controlled by food. I've lost weight without dieting, and as an added bonus I'm more relaxed in other areas of my life and work too. I now have a normal relationship with food for the first time in 25 years. I'm so glad I found Celia - a five star recommendation doesn't begin to cover it"



"Celia has really helped me to overcome a lot of anxiety issues after the loss of my husband three years ago to cancer. She has helped me to regain confidence in who I am as a person and as a mum to a teenager. I am learning to believe in myself and my abilities again. I would recommend Celia without hesitation. She takes the time to really understand the root of the problem and tailors the treatment to suit your needs. Thank
you Celia"



" It has been four months since I last saw Celia and I am still feeling much calmer. She gave me the ability to look at what was going on in my life and break it down into bits that I could deal with. She was always so calm and positive. It really helped me to feel better. When I first came to see Celia I was in bits and all over the place. Now I feel whole again. Life is like it should be now, just absolutely normal. Everything she did has lasted. Thank you so so much."


Tunbridge Wells

“I just wanted to thank Celia for helping me. I am not missing school anymore and feel more relaxed in lessons. I looked forward to our sessions as every week I was getting better and better. The way Celia explained everything to me was helpful so I could understand how to use the techniques. I liked the way we practised them so I knew the best way to use them. I feel so much more confident now. If I find school difficult again, I now have everything I learnt with Celia to help me.”



"I was amazed at Celia's ability to understand my stress and anxiety, she allowed me to feel completely at ease and with her skills she was able to relax me and take me to my very own place of calm. Since then, I have found it much easier to relax and cope with stress."


Kings Hill

“I just wanted to tell you that I feel so much happier about myself now. I have managed to turn off my inner judgement and feel so much more positive and in control. Everything we did revolved around me and that really worked for me.”


Borough Green

"During my session today Celia put me totally at ease. I felt strong enough after my session to discuss things with my daughter. I am so pleased we spoke about it so that's a huge first. I felt very relaxed after the session and I am continuing with the relaxation exercises Celia taught me."



“I just wanted to thank Celia for the hypnotherapy session last week. I didn't think we could achieve much in only one session, but I drove straight to Maidstone afterwards and am driving without panicking now”



Improve sleep with hypnotherapy
"I am sleeping much better since I came to see Celia. I find I am much more relaxed. When I wake in the night, I am now able to get back to sleep for a few more hours, which is a big improvement. Thank you."



“I was worried going in to hypnotherapy that I would feel ‘different’ or not in control but Celia put me at ease and was very calming”


Tunbridge Wells

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