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"I contacted Celia because I was overweight and unhappy. I felt controlled by food and compulsive eating. What gave me confidence in Celia right from the start, was the time and attention she paid to properly understanding the underlying causes and patterns of my overeating. And its worked. As a result of my sessions with Celia I'm no longer controlled by food. I've lost weight without dieting, and as an added bonus I'm more relaxed in other areas of my life and work too. I now have a normal relationship with food for the first time in 25 years. I'm so glad I found Celia - a five star recommendation doesn't begin to cover it"



“I have been seeing Celia for a while and through the work we’ve done together I’ve seen such a significant improvement in my mental health, particularly depression and self esteem issues. The sessions are always very focused on your experience and what you want to get out of it, and this personalised, feedback-based approach has been really helpful in making sure I get the most out of sessions. I now feel a lot more capable of managing my mental health as a result of the work we’ve done together, and the helpful skills, tools, information, and resources I’ve been equipped with (including audio recordings of our hypnotherapy sessions to listen to again). Celia is very friendly, non-judgemental, and understanding, and she’s an excellent therapist that I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with anything in their life and particularly their mental health.”



“I found Celia down to earth, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She listened intently and summarised what she had heard with great accuracy and insight; so from this I realised that she completely understood my situation, which was a huge relief. Nothing else had helped my stress and anxiety, but within just a couple of sessions I had experienced a significant shift.

Things are now much better than I could possibly have imagined before I went to see Celia. And I’ve managed to sustain the improvement for the first time I can remember. I am very pleased to have come across Celia. I recommend her very highly.”



"As a hypnotherapist myself, I know the value and power of this type of therapy. I needed some support at a difficult time in my life and I found Celia to be full of empathy, extremely personable, kind and knowledgeable. She used a mixture of CBT, mindfulness and hypnotherapy which really helped me with my anxiety in a very useful way. I am much more able to deal with stress now.

Working with Celia gave me the confidence to begin practising as a hypnotherapist and offering my services to clients. I highly recommend Celia at Blossom Hypnotherapy. She has given me the tools to move forward in my life and I know where to turn if I need any more support in the future."


Kings Hill

“I can only thank Celia for helping me find easy ways to cope better with the stresses of day to day life, work and my relationships. She has equipped me with great mindfulness techniques that I can easily incorporate into my busy schedule. In only 6 sessions, I saw a huge positive shift in my marriage but also regarding how I cope with stresses and things often out of my control. As a sensitive person, these tools are invaluable. I’d highly recommend giving hypnotherapy a try if you are looking for sustainable ways to change various aspects of your life and need this to happen relatively quickly.”



“Highly recommended! I was looking for support with weight loss and chose Celia because of her outcome-focussed, evidence-based, holistic approach in which she offers a wide range of other strategies and resources alongside her core hypnotherapy work. Her sessions were key to helping me complete an NHS diabetes prevention programme and Couch 2 5K. Not only did Celia help me to lose weight, she also improved other areas of my health and well-being, such as anxiety and poor sleep.”


Tunbridge Wells

Improve sleep with hypnotherapy
"Before I started working with Celia I was constantly anxious, worrying about my health and going into a health anxiety downward spiral. I found working with Celia really helpful. She is compassionate and informative, and using various different tools according to my own, individual needs. I was reassured by her evidence-based approach. I found it very reassuring that her goal is to equip people with tools to help them rather than create a reliance on coming to see her.

Working with Celia, I discovered it’s normal to feel some level of anxiety. I learned to prioritise self-care and my own mental well-being. I now have tools to help me reduce my general level of anxiety and to stop myself from catastrophising when health issues arise. I now have much less anxiety in my life. I now treat myself with more self-compassion. I am now confident I have the ability and the tools to cope with anxiety-inducing events. This makes me feel empowered to be able to manage my own mental health.

Hypnotherapy is essentially tuning into the power of your imagination and using it in helpful ways. It is not like it is sometimes represented in the media.

I would recommend Celia to anyone who is struggling with anxiety.”



“My treatment at Blossom Hypnotherapy has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. I originally approached Celia to help with my nerves relating to public speaking, and in just a couple of sessions not only was my phobia cured, but I actually became good at it - this is not an outcome that I was expecting and has far surpassed my expectations. Since seeing Celia, I have spoken at several meetings and I chaired an event for about 100 people in which I not only had to speak, but ad-lib for four hours. I did really well, and actually it didn’t feel like a big deal at all; but perhaps most importantly I didn’t spend the run up to the event dreading it, and I got a full night’s sleep the night before as I wasn’t anxious about it.

I am now putting myself forward for more opportunities as a result. The hypnotherapy has helped with other aspects of my life, and has made me more productive, motivated, content and improved my general happiness.

I have Celia to thank for this. I would recommend her to anyone."



“I visited Celia for some help with my social anxiety. I had been offered a fantastic job, but I was full of fear and trepidation about accepting it, and had even convinced myself I didn’t want it. I knew deep down, this was the culmination of years of anxiety that had held me back for too long. With limited time available I contacted Celia, we talked things through, then set to work. In total I had just three sessions and the results were fantastic.

I was able to speak publicly for the first time. I actually look forward to the opportunity to try it out and improve now! My fears about social situations have become a thing of the past. Now, I am much calmer and at ease in everyday life; actively seeking out conversations and interactions. I wasn’t sure if hypnotherapy would be effective when it came to something personal like anxiety. It was. Seeing Celia was one of the best decisions I have made. She has helped me far more than I could ever have hoped. ”



“I just wanted to thank Celia for helping me. I am not missing school anymore and feel more relaxed in lessons. I looked forward to our sessions as every week I was getting better and better. The way Celia explained everything to me was helpful so I could understand how to use the techniques. I liked the way we practised them so I knew the best way to use them. I feel so much more confident now. If I find school difficult again, I now have everything I learnt with Celia to help me.”

Molly (14)


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